We're Danton Dynamics, a family owned
& operated digital marketing agency.

Our Services


Jamie Danton

Founder & CEO

Jamie  is the founder of Danton Dynamics. She has over 5 years of experience in SEO, SEM & Digital Marketing. It only made sense to gather other fantastic managers and build a successful company.


Rachel Mjoen

SEM Specialist & Web Design

Rachel has over 10 years of graphic design experience and began to translate this into web design projects for Jamie. It was only natural she learned more about paid ads and is now a valued jack-of-all-trades.


Robbie Danton

SEM Specalist

Robbie loved working with start up companies by setting up their marketing and assist with logistics of creating high quality products to customers. It only made sense he join with the family business!


Lori Cordero

Graphic Design & SEM Specialist

Lori and Jamie met during their first project management position when they were new on the scene. They had been developing their craft and mastering their positions long before Danton Dynamics existed.


Andrew Walden

SEM Specialist

AJ had been in the marketing so long that transferring over to the digital marketing world was the next natural step. He is now passionate about every client and likes to see how high he can push their ROAS.


Justin Bruystens

Developer & SEM Specialist

Justin started off coding and developing his own videogames from scratch. He was able to quickly sort through data-driven methods to make the best decisions for all Google Ads campaigns for each client.