Investment Firm

A privately owned investment advisory firm that served individuals, families, and institutions. They wanted more brand awareness!


Investment Firm


Brand Awarness


Google Display Ads

Their Goals

This company’s main goal was as much brand awareness as they were capable of getting. Since each customer’s lifetime value was incredibly high they wanted to become a known and trusted brand as opposed to focusing on a conversion-based approach.  

Our Results

Budget Spent
Cost Per Conversion
Click Through Rate
Conversion Rate

This company was interested in gaining people who browsed their website, so we used that to track conversions. We met with them once a quarter to discuss their brand’s message and see what creative assets they wanted us to launch. With creative refreshes, their message changes with the season as they continue to be the best known investment firm in their area.

How we did it

This client needed to serve ads to individuals who were interested in retirement planning, stock news, and have higher household incomes than the average. By zeroing in on their ideal client we made sure to present the company’s branding and messages to people who are likely to come back to the company they’ve grown familiar with through this brand awareness campaigns.