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This pest control company had a company running their Google Ads with disappointing results. Let's see how Danton Dynamics improved things.


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Improve Campaign Results


Google Ads

Their Goals

This Pet Control Company was not seeing results through their Google Ads campaign. They were disappointed, but wanted to try with one last agency to get their business on track. With five locations across a competitive area in Florida they didn’t want to risk losing sales oppertunities.

Our Results




Budget Spent


Cost Per Conversion




Click Through Rate


Conversion Rate

We managed to dramatically improve the quality of their campaign. With higher click through rates we knew our traffic was becoming more relevant. Our conversion rates sky rocketed as more people began to fill our their form and call their company through phone extensions on ads. They saw a surge in 470.14% more people contacting them which lead to more opportunities for them to sell their services. We look forward to seeing how we can continue to help their business grow!

How we did it

Our Google Ads specialists tore down this company’s campaigns and restructured them from scratch in a way that followed the best practices. Many people set campaigns to all Google Ads’ automated suggestions which simply don’t generate the best results for majority of people. As the click through rate rose, their impressions dropped off as we brought people to their site quicker. We defended their company through a brand campaign to stop competitors from serving ads when people searched for their name. In addition, we built a competitor campaign to run more aggressive campaigns against the companies who had been trying to steal customers. This company is now in a stable place where they have a footing in the competitive marketplace where they plan to thrive for many years to come.