Beachfront Rental Properties

A vacation rental management company that purchased a 90 condo unit on top of their beachfront houses. They needed to fill bookings fast!


Property Rental & Hospitality


Grow Customer Base & Sales


Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Their Goals

This company helps locals rent their beachfront vacation homes as a way to earning additional income. After purchasing a 90 condo unit resort, they realized they needed to step up their game and fast! They wanted to gain bookings and fill their new resort in order to turn a profit as soon as possible.

Our Results

Revenue Generated
Budget Spent
Cost Per Conversion
Click Through Rate
Conversion Rate

We were able to maximize this client’s results by running two campaigns hand-in-hand. One was a small brand awareness campaign on Facebook (stats not included above) that’s purpose was to keep the company’s name in people’s heads. By using Google Ads, we were able to zero in on a hotbed of keywords that lead to high quality traffic and higher sales.

How we did it

Our Google Ads team is always running AB testing, monthly search query reports, and manual management that works in unison with Google’s algorithm. Together we were able to quickly zero in on the best course of action and after only two to three months of optimization we found a great pacing for this client for them to see a great return on their investment.