Software As a Service (SaaS)

This company produced software to assist with property management. They were ready to expand their business and put us to the test!


SaaS Product


10 Leads Per Month


Google Ads

Their Goals

This company was in the business of simplifying property management with a flexible solution built for portfolios large and small. Their software would allow clients to effortlessly coordinate rentals and reservations each step of the way, from prospect to poolside to a raving review. They were going to try Google Ads for the first time and had a goal of generating 10 leads a month. We managed to exceed their expectations by double after only half a month of optimization!

Our Results

Budget Spent
Cost Per Conversion
Click Through Rate
Conversion Rate

This client is still new even though they are thriving. Our current goal is to bring their cost per conversion down even further (which as we narrow the date in is already down to $91.62 per conversion). As we gain more historical data for this account we only plan to improve these numbers as we go.

How we did it

This case study is a fantastic example of how a small business can set a realistic goal and crush those numbers with a Google Ads specialist managing their account. We set up a campaign based off some keyword research they had provided for us and we decided to highlight their SEO keywords, eventually building separate ad groups as we saw what terms drove into conversions. Once this process is done a few month we plan to drive their conversion rate higher and hopefully increase their spend as they’re prepared to scale.