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Restaurant SaaS


Google Ads Management


Google Search & Display Ads

Their Goals

This client had over 650 accounts running small Google Ads display campaigns, but no one to manage them! Jamie connected with this company by offering to reduce their bandwidth by restructuring accounts, optimizing results for their clients, and looking into building out additional offerings and advertising plans to their customers in the future. The Danton Dynamic team quickly jumped on board to make sure they could look forward to a better future.

Our Results

Accounts Managed
Monthly Budgets
Monthly Conversions

Our team is working closely with the client as we handle all the management in the background to discuss how they can make their Google Ads department more profitable as an additional revenue stream. They are not taking advantage of all the platform has to offer for their clients! We would like to accomplish this by offering conversion based campaigns for their clients who are interested in stimulating more sales and driving traffic to the restaurant’s doors.

How we did it

In order to manage this account’s many micro-campaigns, we streamlined a process to set up accounts to help them connect with clients and product the best goals. They settled on promising 100+ clicks to clients who signed up for their “Boost” sales package based off a budget of $75/month on Google Ads which was accomplished through Google Display Ads. Conversions are tracking calls through phone extensions at this point in time.