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Pest Control

This pest control company was hit hard during COVID and decided to take their fate in their own hands by starting up a Google Ads campaign. With Danton Dynamics managing their account, see what sort of cost per conversions they were having for form fills on their website and phone calls through ad extensions and their website.

Property Rentals

This company assisted home owners in renting out their homes year round. After purchasing a 90 condo unit and creating a resort, they decided to step up their advertisement game in order to drive more sales on their website. See what sort of returns on their investment they were able to achieve with optimized ad campaigns.

SaaS (Software)

This SaaS company, also known as "Software as a Service", wanted to generate leads and gain the opportunity to sell their program to interested potential clients. See how Danton Dynamic PPC specialists managed to stimulate sales by increasing form fills with higher conversion rates and clicks.

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