About Danton Dynamics

Our methodologies involve optimizing your accounts to gain high quality traffic that will lead to sustainable growth over time. Say goodbye to the frustration of trying everything, but feeling like nothing works. We’re here to guide you to make the best informed decisions to reach your ideal customers in he most meaningful way.

Danton Dynamics Google Ads Management

Little Company,
Big Results

Danton Dynamics is a small family owned & operated company that has been serving clients since 2020. Jamie Danton founded the company after a decade of experience learning the best practices of Google Ads then taking it a step further to invent new ones!

We’ve mastered a friendly approach to help breakdown the process into bite-sized pieces for each of her clients. We’re eager to walk you through a strategy that was best for your product/services and find a collaborative way to keep business owners in the loop quickly through visual resources and organized data. 

Our Team

Danton Dynamics is a family owned & operated business. Say hello to our friends and family and learn more about each of our unique skills and how we can help scale your business.

We're Here to Help You Make Your Greatest Impact.

With out expertise, we’re eager to help you jumpstart your digital advertising strategy. Let’s take what you’re doing and make it better.