A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Partnering with businesses of all sizes to help spread their message in front of the right audiences.

Our Mission

Danton Dynamics empowers companies with competitive PPC marketing strategies to help them expand their businesses over time. With strong account managers who have mastered the best practices of social platforms and search engines, we support businesses of all sizes.

Our History

Danton Dynamics was founded in 2022. After years of freelancing with a small group of family and friends, Jamie realized they produced high-quality results that clients raved about. This businesses was needed in order to build a service better than what was out there in the market.

Our Name

Danton Dynamics is a family name that plans on sticking around for a long time to come! The CEO and founder, Jamie Danton, wanted to honor a long history and leave a presence that matters much like her great (x8) grandfather who was a leader in the French Revolution: Georges Danton.

Meet Our Family & Friends

Jamie Danton

Founder & CEO

Jamie’s freelancing journey started when she wanted to buy her grandmother’s family home that went on the market. After gaining trusted clients who couldn’t get enough of her, she realized it was impossible to do alone! Danton Dynamics was quickly formed, a gruella freelancing group that rapidly mastered different PPC platforms and picked up all skills they needed along the way. Today she had proudly serviced hundreds of accounts and founded a company that will continue to grow and empower businesses of all sizes to find their success in the competitive PPC advertising world.

Robbie Danton

PPC Specalist & Head of Marketing

Robbie and Jamie might have fought nonstop growing up, but after becoming adults found a few way to communicate and something to get passionate over: Business! If there was one field Jamie always thought Robbie would get into, it was sales. There was only one person she could trust to knock on doors and persevere to get the desired outcome. Today, Robbie runs fierce marketing campaigns that follow the latest trends which is easy to keep up with when he enjoys streaming videogames. That makes it easy for him to keep up with the latest influencer and internet crazes.

Rachel Mjoen

PPC Specalist & Graphic Design

Rachel and Jamie met on an online Dungeons and Dragons game that Rachel ran. The two got along so well that after only meeting in person once, they decided to move in and become roommates. It was only natural that when Jamie needed graphic work done for clients she asked Rachel for assistance, occasionally using her more and more. Rachel began to work part-time with Jamie as the clients became to pile up and she needed help managing so many PPC campaigns. Rachel was an incredibly quick learner and became a trusted senior PPC Manager that keeps things running smoothly.

Lori Cordero

PPC Specialist

Lori studied design in school and is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. She was an old friend who met Jamie over videogames back when they were teenagers. Years later Lori hopped on board to assist with a huge white label client with over 600 Google Ads campaigns that needed brand awareness campaigns restructured. After how successful the job went, Lori remained on the Danton Dynamic team to stay!

Andrew Walden

PPC Specialist

AJ had been a close friend with the team’s cousin for decades. Jamie and Robbie always found him to be a delight when they were able to visit California. It was only natural progression that when the business began to form and they needed to expand they went to someone who was determined, driven, and a real go-getter. AJ quickly joined the team’s lineup and has been a valued addition to the team ever since.


PPC Specialist

Justin was a long-term friend of Robbie for many years. He loved designing videogames, coding, and had the perfect analytical type of mind for search engine marketing. When Robbie saw the opportunity to bring him aboard, he pounced! Justin is now a very strong paid advertising account manager and is passionate about creating the best results for each and every Danton Dynamic client he has under his care.

Why You Should Work With Us

Not all agencies are the same.
What makes Danton Dynamics better than the rest?

We are passionate about what we do.

Everyone on the Danton Dynamic team puts their entire heart into every single client we have. To us, this isn’t just a job. This is a legacy we all want to watch grow and thrive which means we want nothing but success for everyone we come in contact with in the professional world. 

We are flexible.

Everything on the internet is constantly changing. The platforms we use have everchanging algorithms, beta programs, features, and best practices. We’re always looking for the newest and most effective ways to do things which means the moment a new change is thrown our way, we’ll change strategies or game plans to continue and help your company do the best it can.

We work hard and play hard.

The members of Danton Dynamics love what they do. We turn our work calls into hang out sessions and spend time together. We take our clients seriously and are passionate about caring for our employees and our communities. We like to make sure we have fun while we meet the needs of our clients!

We love small businesses.

As a small business ourselves, one of the way we give back is by offering friend & family discounts to small businesses to help them get their start in the world. Finding those first handful of clients or sales is hard, we understand! Together we can help you find value on the market and build into a sustainable business for years to come.